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The Architects' Year Book 7

The seventh volume from a series of Year Books aimed to help and inspire architects by offering them a compilation of technical and aesthetic information on the contemporary architectural practices. It covers subjects such as: The Architect as Universal Man; The Problem of the Past; Psychology, Archutect and Patron; Architecture and the Visual Arts; The Theme of CIAM 10; Contributions to CIAM 10; Atrium Houses; The Work of Auguste Perret; The Work of Gardella; Modern Architecture in Brazil; Recent Architecture in Finland; Two Exhibitions 1955; British Trade Fair 1955; Some Recent U.S. Design; Selected Equipment 2; Trends in Electrical Development; The Heat Pump; Natural Ventilation Systems; Current Architecture in Great Britain; Flats at Lambeth and Hammersmith; Houses at St. Pauls Cray and Leicester; Schools at Chaddesden, Catford, Royston, Putney and Paddington; Crystal Palace Development. The text is accompanied by numerous plates (photographs, plans, elevations and drawings) some of them depicting these structures: Le Corbusier, Chapel at Ronchamp, Vosges, France; Chapel at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago; Moroccan Housing, Block by ATBAT; Three Storey Flats at The Hague; Atrium Houses; Garage 51 Rue Ponthieu 1906; Theatre des Champs Elysees 1912; Esders Factory, Paris 1915; Notre Dame de Raincy, Sein-et-Oise 1923; Palais de Bois, Paris 1924; Tuberculosis Clinic, Alessandria 1936-38; Houses in Milan; Baths, Ischia; House at Lesa; Apartments, Alessandria; Gallery, Milan; Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro; The Casino at Pampulha by Oscar Niemeyer; Pedregulho, Rio de Janeiro; Belo Horizonte, the State Capital of Minas Gerais; Church of St. Francis, Pampulha; Flats in Tapiola, Helsinki; Detached Houses, Helsinki; Apartment Block, Turku; Apartment Block, Vaasa; Terrace House, Jollas, Helsinki; Apartment Block, Turku; Apartment Block, Vaasa; Terrace House, Jollas, Helsinki; Terrace Houses, Kotka, Sunila; Teerace Houses, Maunola, Helsinki; Private House, Muuratsalo; Villa, Kuusisto, Turku; Voldemar Baeckman's Villa near Tammisaari; Business Block "Rautatalo" Helsinki; Office Building, Voimatalo; Factory for ENSO, Gutzeit; Nuojua Power Station, Oulujoki; Power Station, Pohjolan Voima, Kemi; Water Tower, Riihimaki; Central Hospital, Jyvaskyla; Olympic Stadium, Helsinki; Annexe, Radium Treatment Home, Helsinki; Elementary School, Solf; Library for the Finnish University of Turku; Central Trade School, Jyvaskyla; Teacher's High School, Helsinki; Saynatsalo Municipal Buildings; Church in Salla; Church in Meilahti, Helsinki; Funeral Chapel in Turku; Sculpture Pavilion, Arnhem; Halsingborg Exhibition; H. 55 The '55 Bar with Stepped Terraces, General View from the Bridge and Typical Small Buildings and Courtyard; H. 55 Swedish Design Pavilion at the end of the Jetty; South Bank Exhibition, London 1951; Flats at Lambeth, London; Flats at Hammersmith; House at St. Paul's Cray, Kent; House at Leicester; School in Derbyshire; Catford Couty Secondary School, London; School at Royston, Hertfordshire; Mayfield School, Putney, London; School at Paddington, London.

Gordon Cullen: Box 56 Papers

- Unlabelled file containing miscellaneous papers including exhibitions at la Societe des Artistes Francais and at the Royal Academy, 1968; correspondence with W S Cowell (designers, lithographers and printers) re production of lithographs, 1969-1970; correspondence with the AA Development Fund (Jane Drew and Richard Eve), 1969; letter to David Gosling, 1970 in connection with 'The Observer'; letter from Richard Dattner, 1969 re material on Alcan projects; letter from Michael Trieb, 1969 re seminar proposal.
- File: 'Wraysbury Lakes Development': text and correspondence, Jan-Sep 1969
- Loose documents on Wraysbury gravel pits - improvements, correspondnece and receipts, 1969-1973
- Envelope: 'W[rays]bury Text' containing typescript document and correspondence on Olympic rowing course, 1968-1969
- File: 'Film' containing correspondence with Ford Motor and Ford Foundation, 1968-1969; Correspondence with UIA in Argentina, 1969; Correspondence with Edouardo Ellis, 1968-1969
- File: 'Rhondda': text and photographs for Scanner Four with Alun Jones and Partners, including Glamorgan Council Development Plans, 1955-1956
- File: 'Llant[risant] Corres': correspondence and reports relating to study on Llantrisant 1966-1968
- File: 'Guide to Windsor and Kansas' - in fact contains no material on these subjects, instead correspondence with E de Mare and with Glamorgan County Council re Llantrisant project, 1967-1969

Gray Scrapbook

Album of newspaper cuttings, articles and photographs first compiled in 1954 by Wally H and Eileen E Gray, with the aim of showing in pictorial form the history of the club. It has been added to ever since by the club members, most recently by George Pyall in 2006-7. Many of the photographs were held by the Club in their Club Room at Regent Street, others were supplied by members following appeals by the compilers.

Page 1-2 Image of the Quintin Hogg and title page for the album 'Polytechnic Cycling Club'
Page 4 Introduction - paragraph describing the club and what the book is for.
Page 6 Souvenir of club dinner - booklet detailing brief history of the club from 1878-1899. Made by the VP Walter Groves
Page 7 Tables of championships won by members of the club
Page 8 1885 - Photographs of members, letter detailing purpose of the album and what it will entail.
Page 9-12 Variety of photographs of the club from 1885-89.
Page 13 Old photographs the cycling club display at the Polytechnic fete and a group club picture
Page 14 Press cutting on 'cycling' journal and its editors who were a part of the club. Group picture from 1890.
Page 15-17 Variety of cycling group pictures from the 1890's. Eg. Launch parties, Polytechnic v Catford C.C. match.
Page 18-21 A.J Watson's photographs - the first polyrider to win a national challenge cup. Also more group photographs from mid 1890's.
Page 22 1897 photograph of E.Payne - national champion
Page 23 Cycling club members take part in pantomimes. 1899-1905.
Page 24-27 Collection of individual photographs of members and their achievements in the 1890s.
Page 28-29 Polytechnic racing team and their performances (individually listed), image of paced racing at Crystal Palace.
Page 30 Images from 1895 racing championships
Page 31 Cartoon image from 'Cycle Press Ltd' 1897 - titled 'A case of furious riding' in which a policeman stops a cyclist who may have gone too fast.
Page 32 Images of 100 mile and 50 mile champions of 1897 and 1896, images of club captain and treasurer Fred Chapman.
Page 33 1893 Club picture
Page 34-35 Club news from newspaper - a cartoon image, club photos from 1896 and 1902.
Page 36-41 J.F Ditchman page - images and information about him, Collection of different members successes with their photographs, 1903 team photo.
Page 42 J.K Studd - one photo and one colour painting, 1903 president elect.
Page 43 Collection of individual photographs from 1906-1914.
Page 44 T.Hall page of images and information - twice world record holder.
Page 45 More photographs of individuals and achievements from 1904-1910
Page 46 R.Shirely - image and achievements, club group picture 1908.
Page 47-49 Champion photographs from 1908, one 1890 group and club officials picture, olympic games group photo
Page 50 C.H Bartlett - 1909 - photograph of the popular rider and his achievements
Page 51-54 W.J Bailey - collection of photos and achievements, including newspaper articles.
Page 55 1909 group club photo
Page 56 4 photographs of poly members on cycles - 1909-10
Page 57-58 Group photographs from years 1910-11
Page 59-61 Collection of photographs of different members whilst cycling - some signed with 'yours sincerely'
Page 62 Club group photo 1912 and Olympic group 1912
Page 64-65 More individiaul photographs that are signed.
Page 66 1913 and 1913 group photos
Page 67-68 H.H Gaylor - images of him and achievements, also pictures of him serving during the war 1915-1917.
Page 69-70 Members of the cycling club who were a part of the war effort 1914-18 and gave their lives on active service.
Page 71-79 A collection of photographs depicting different events and who took place; racing at Herne Hill, Olympic tandem 1920, 1914 and 1923 world championships
Page 80 Poly club meeting in 1923, also letter addressed to L.W.A Ewif who was made secretary and responsible for resurgence of club after the war.
Page 81 1923 group photograph
Page 82-86 Collection of the team and members in action at various events during the years 1924-1931.
Page 87 Cycling club jubilee booklet
Page 88-92 Photographs of races in action; 24 hour paced, tandem trike records 1925, 1928 track pursuit team.
Page 94-96 Traditional christmas panto photgraphs
Page 99 1929 club group photograph
Page 100 Images of Harry Leat - lifelong member
Page 101 Newspaper articles on Herne Hill events; 1929 womens cycle racing, madison fifty lap race 1930.
Page 102-106 Variety of photographs - some of races and some team pictures
Page 109-116 Collection of team photographs on cycles, during races, E.H Chambers photos and achievements from 1928-1936.
Page 117 Smaller photographs of club members
Page 118 Polytechnic jubilee booklet
Page 119-124 Different photographs of club members - single shots and cycling shots.
Page 125 1938 Jubilee Dinner leaflet (menu, toast, entertainment, prize winners), also photoghraphs of club members
Page 126 Harry Oxley - photographs and information of his records as cyclist
Page 127-132 Photographs of races in action and cyclists at the different races from 1938-1948
Page 133-136 Photographs of single members on bicycle, thanksgiving service booklet. 1942-49
Page 137 Photohraph of Alfred Ingram, Cycling H.H. England editor, signing the book and a copy of the piece he signed.
Page 138-140 Images of racing and poly men together. 1946-52.
Page 142-143 Viscount Hailsham elected president in 1947 - photohraph, also photos of him at poly track meets and Lady Hailsham at the track 1950s.
Page 144-146 Members pictured winning competitions in 1950's; Ken Marshall, W.H.C Gregory, D. Handley.
Page 147 Christmas dinner run group photograph from 1949
Page 148-153 Pages on club champions, list of names and details of track/roads, photographs of champions.
Page 154 Newspaper article on 'Great record of the Polytechnic' - going through the achievements of the club and its wins and work over the years.
Page 155 More photographs of poly members 1951 and 1955
Page 158 Photograph of Lord Hailsham cycling - the president setting an example of how to overcome the bus strike
Page 159-164 Collection of photos recording different races and wins. 1055-72
Page 165 Photographs from 1972 Cherry Medal Awards being given to Wallis Gray and Brayn Maybanks for their work at the club
Page 166-167 Photographs depicting ways the club attempted to modernise and revive itself. Modernise thhrough Gerry Burgess sponsoring Gaylor race, revivival through courses for youngsters to take part in to build interest
Page 168 80's time trial successses through sponsorship by Don McKellow - colour photographs of race marshalling.
Page 169 Cycling club centenary - photographs of Jim Pyall cycling as part of the club and collecting plaque at centenary celebration
Page 170-171 Colour and black and white photographs of cyclists
Page 172 Newspaper article on Walls Gray - his work for the club and influence as sportsmen
Page 173-182 Collection of black and white photographs ranging from 1940s-50s of cyclists, dinner runs, christmas diners, easter cycle rally and cyclists on tour
Page 183-184 Newspaper article on the history of the cycling club - marking 100 years. Double spread, details of achievements, wins, famous figures etc.

Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette No. 4 Vol. LVIII

Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette September 1948. Typed pages. Edited by A G BLAKE. Includes one-page advertisement for CurAcho, the verso of which includes Poly CC news and fixtures. Congratulations to Dave RICKETTS and Lew PONDS both members of the British Olympic team. Wedding of Treasurer Fred 'Colin' CAMPBELL and Barbara PALLIN (of the Polytechnic Ladies Fencing Club). Obituary for Frank C HIGGINS. Report of the 1948 'Gayler'.

Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette No. 7 Vol. 63

Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette, January 1957. Edited by B A H MAYBANKS. Typed pages but with printed cover. Congratulations to Don BURGESS who gained a bronze medal in the team pursuit in the Olympic Games, and to Peter BROTHERTON who gained 4th place in the Tandem 2000m. BROTHERTON has decided to stay in Australia and turned professional.

Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette No. 3 Vol. 63

Polytechnic Cycling Club Gazette, September 1956. Edited by B A H MAYBANKS. Typed pages but with printed cover. Notice that Don BURGESS has been selected for the Melbourne Olympic Games, to ride in the team pursuit and as resesrve for the tandem together with Peter BROTHERTON who is selected for the tandem and reserve for the 1000m time trial.

Photograph of Harry Ryan and Thomas Lance

Photograph of Harry Ryan and Thomas Lance on a tandem bicycle at the track, with various officials. Believed to have been taken at the Antwerp Olympic Games where the duo won a gold medal. Annotated '2 kilometres, Cycling block.'
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